Sleep Myth: Daytime Naps Are a Waste of Time –

Sleep and your well-being go hand in hand. Your overall health is linked to having a good night’s sleep. Your body is like a factory. As you sleep, your body begins to work and heal all the damaged cells as well as boost your immune system.

There are a lot of myths and theories surrounding sleep. Some sleep myths have been passed on from one generation to the next. As a result, people find it challenging to modify their beliefs, even if scientists and researchers say otherwise. One of the most common sleep myths is that daytime naps are a waste of time.

The Myth

In western society, taking a nap is viewed in a negative light. At work, if you are caught napping by a colleague, they may think that you are lazy and you’re not doing your job right. So to perk up, you will drink a cup of strong coffee or light a cigarette. Some even believe that naps can ruin your body’s natural sleep cycle.

The Facts

Napping deserves respect. Contrary to the idea that naps are for lazy people, there are famous nappers who were successful personalities such as Einstein, John F. Kennedy, Thomas Edison, and Sir Winston Churchill

Researchers are now finding the benefits of napping. It improves your performance in the workplace and even in your life. NASA showed that pilots who don’t have enough rest fall asleep five times more than those who took at least a 25-minute nap before starting their shift.

Another study from Harvard University revealed that, compared with non-sleeping subjects, taking a 60 to 90 minutes power nap instead of sleeping can help recharge your brain’s battery as much as 8 hours of sleep.

The groggy feeling that you have when you wake up after taking a nap is real. It is called sleep inertia. How you feel after a nap is determined by the length of your snooze. As recommended by sleep expert Michael J. Breus, Ph.D., you should nap no more than 30 minutes. Otherwise, you will enter a state of deep sleep and most probably feel the effects of sleep inertia upon waking.


Daytime naps are not a waste of time. Instead of drinking a cup of coffee or tea to boost your energy, taking a nap helps you stay more energized. It also keeps you to be more productive. Take advantage of your break time at work. Take an afternoon nap in a well-rested area and feel recharged.