3 Surprising Physical Benefits of Healthy Sleep –

The quality of your sleep helps determine the quality of life that you will have. It is important in maintaining your good health. A good night’s sleep is as important as eating healthy food and exercise. That is why it should not be underestimated.

To prove how important sleep is, here are 3 physical benefits that you will get from a good night’s sleep.

Promotes Healthy Weight

Sleep helps you achieve a healthy weight. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 35% of people struggling with their weight are sleep deprived.

A study concluded that people who sleep for shorter periods have 14.9% higher ghrelin levels and 15.5% lower leptin levels than those who sleep enough. When you have do not have enough sleep of 7 to 9 hours, the body makes lesser leptin and more ghrelin, leaving you hungrier and with increased appetite. Your body also produces more cortisol or the “stress hormone” that increases your appetite.

When you get enough sleep, you feel fuller, longer. The levels of leptin, hormones responsible for you to feel full, go up. On the other hand, the levels of ghrelin, appetite-inducing hormones, go down. Sleep helps your body balance the hormones in your body. If the levels of your hormones are in line, it makes you feel hungry only when you should feel hungry.

Sleep helps balance the hunger hormones in your body, promoting a healthier weight.

Enhances Your Skin

Sleep enhances your skin and prevents it from aging quickly. It is essential in a beauty routine. The Does Poor Sleep Quality Affect Skin Aging study posits that chronic poor sleep quality is connected with the increased signs of aging, diminished skin barrier function, and lowered satisfaction with physical appearance. People who sleep for 7 to 9 hours have lower signs of skin aging and have a better perception of their appearances.

As you sleep, your body repairs and recovers itself. The skin makes new collagen to prevent your skin from sagging. The more quality sleep you get, the more collagen your skin can make, leaving your skin plumper and less likely to have wrinkles.

While you sleep, your body boosts the blood flow to your skin, giving you a healthy glow once you wake up. It also minimizes your dark circles and discoloration under the eyes. Sleep also acts like a natural anti-inflammatory that helps in fighting acne and immune-related skin irritations.

Sleep helps in the production of collagen in your skin to make it plumper and with fewer wrinkles. It also helps in blood flow to prevent dark circles, discoloration, acne, and skin irritations.

Stimulates Your Sex Life

The better rest you have, the better sex you will have. According to the National Sleep Foundation poll, 26% of people say that their sex life suffers because of sleepiness.

Side effects of lack of sleep include declining mood and decreased sex drive. Men who do not get enough sleep due to obstructive sleep apnea have low testosterone levels. Testosterone helps not only in building muscle mass and bones, but it also stimulates sex drive.

The Impact of Sleep on Female Sexual Response and Behavior: A Pilot Study concluded that getting enough sleep improves a healthy sexual desire and genital response in women. An hour increase in sleep can increase the likelihood of a woman to engage in sexual activity with her partner by 14%.

Sleep is one of the best ways to have better sex. It stimulates the couples’ sex lives by increasing men’s testosterone levels and women’s genital response to increasing engagement in sexual activities.

The physical benefits of sleep are extensive. They can make a big difference not only in the quality of your life, but also in the length of your life. Place sleep as a top priority to promote healthy ways to maintain weight, younger looking skin, and better sex life.