How to Get to Sleep

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Sleep Tips for Your Child

7 Tips and Tricks for Helping Your Child Fall Asleep Sleep is as important as eating and drinking in the life of children. However, some kids are not getting enough…
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Allergies: How To Avoid Them

Allergies can be common, but it should be treated seriously. Other than causing itchy skin, runny nose, and sneezing, allergies can result in a sleep disorder like insomnia.
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Sleep Tips for Children with ADHD

Every night does not need to be so hard. Compared with other children, kids with ADHD are four times less likely to fall asleep quickly.
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Temperature and Sleep

3 Ways Temperature Can Significantly Affect Your Sleep Temperature can make a big difference in your sleep. It can let you snooze for longer hours at night, or it can…
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Healthy Diet and Sleep

4 Awesome Ways Healthy Diet Promotes Sleep You are what you eat. In addition, you might be able to sleep with what you eat too. A research conducted by Grandner,…
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Sleep and Exercise

5 Ways How Exercise Affects Your Sleep Want to fall asleep better and feel more rested? Start moving. In the United States, about 35 to 40% of the adult population has…
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Insomnia: Cannot Sleep After Working Out

Five Tips to Avoid Post Workout Insomnia Exercise is good for sleep. It helps you sleep faster and sounder all night. The 2013 Sleep in America poll of the National…
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