Sleep Myths

Sleep Myth About Watching TV: Debunked

Sleep Myth: Watching TV Helps You Fall Asleep Sleep plays a vital role in keeping your life’s good health and well-being. Getting enough quality and amount of sleep can help…
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Sleep Myth About Teenagers: Debunked

Sleep Myth: Teenagers are Lazy and Love Lying in Bed A lot of people view sleep as “down time” where the body can rest and rejuvenate after a long day.…
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Sleep Myth About Older People: Debunked

Sleep Myth: Seniors Sleep Less Sleep is a natural and essential part of people’s lives. It is considered as a period of rest to conserve energy. It is also a…
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Sleep Myth About Sleeping Pills: Debunked

Sleep Myth: Sleeping Pills are Harmless Sleep is an important part of everyone’s life. The three pillars of a healthy and happy life are exercise, nutrition, and sleep. However, there…
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Sleep Myth About Daytime Naps: Debunked

Sleep Myth: Daytime Naps Are a Waste of Time Sleep and your well-being go hand in hand. Your overall health is linked to having a good night’s sleep. Your body…
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Snoring Myths

12 Popular Snoring Myths Debunked by Science Not a lot of people consider snoring as a legitimate health issue. Snoring may get on people’s nerves. However, it is uncommon for…
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